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GypsyStop is our unique online resource for all things gypsy. Gypsy originally described someone from Romany. They first made a name for themselves in England in the 1500s. The word itself derives from the word for 'Egyptian' in Latin. They originally had an egyptian / hindu ancestry.

Gypsies were often stereotyped 'witches' because they have always relied on signs, symbols and dreams to reveal the paths both in front of them and in the past. They're travelers and often raised their children (chaves) in a loving yet unconventional way. They each had a 'craft' and were legend to influence and be influenced by the nature elements that surrounded them. Gypsies have always ran in small soul groups. Many of them took on the name 'Smith' when moving from place to place. Through out the years all travelers were given this label. Even Irish families that traveled together in England while their own country was in great turmoil.


A modern day gypsy is often a title given to free spirits: Travelers, artists, musicians, writers or readers. We hope our stoppers-by find our pages, charts, glossaries, calculators and widgets informative and useful.

We are adding more every day. Coming soon: A page on marshal arts. A page on healing herbs and natural alternatives. A page all about what we can do for the environment. And a page for soul mates. We are also still finishing our dream dictionary and a couple other pages. Thank you for your patients. Please keep checking back on our progress!


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