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Astronomy and astrology date back to the stone age. astronomy is the study of the universe and astrology is the study of how the universal energies affect our nature and the nature of our planet.

This website teaches the two most popular forms of astrology today...Western and Chinese Astrology.

I encourage everyone to check out Vedic/Indian Astrology or Arabic Astrology. They are both very interesting and fun.



Click the 'mini-astroviewer' to view a detailed chart of the constellations and planet positions for any day and time and from any location.

Bitte aktivieren Sie JAVATM, um die Mini-AstroViewer-Sternenkarte zu benutzen.  

This is an interactive sky map and solar system viewer with a calendar and other cool little features.  



Enter information and click to learn. Make sure to check the boxes on the bottom to view planet positions and aspects. Once the positions of the planets are known, scroll down to read what each planet and sign mean.

Birth Chart





Love Score


world time zone map

world longitude latitude map


Daily Horoscope



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