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Dreams can be interpreted in many different ways. Every dream has an individual flair that is unique to the dreamer. Most psychologists agree that dream symbols give us hidden clues to our own psyche. These clues or symbols have been created by humanity collectively since the beginning of dreaming. We all share a collective unconscious. These are the symbols you will find in a dream dictionary.

Most psychologists also agree that the people in our dreams are really representative of that particular personality trait in ourselves. If a women is being threatened or harmed by a man in her dream than she may be ignoring or not developing the masculine part of herself. If you dream of your friend susan dying and you aren't prone to prophetic dreams... look to the personality traits susan carries in yourself. Have those traits died in you recently? It is also widely accepted that buildings and homes with separate floors or rooms are compartments in our mind. The weather represents our emotions at the time. Water represents a look deep inside. And when we work, labor, pack etc... we are really working out and putting away all of the mind garbage we have collected since we last slept. We first have to separate it from the experiences we want to keep and put away. This web site is a work in progress. We add more every day. Please keep checking back in... Thank you :)




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