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Abdomen- To dream of your abdomen fortells you having great expectations. You need to open your mind and work harder for success. To see it shriveled up means to be ware of false friends in your venture. To see it swollen means you will face obsticles but will overcome them and be rewarded for your labor. To see blood coming from your abdomen fortells an accident or tragedy to someone in your family.

Abortion- For a women to dream of having or being a part of an abortion is a warning that something she is contemplating will cause her unhappiness and disgrace. For a doctor to dream that he is performing an abortion fortells that his lack of attention to detail in his practice will cause him a lot of trouble.

Abuse- If you are the abuser than you are about to lose money or the respect of someone important to you because you are being too dominant or controlling. If you are being abused then somewhere in your life that should be under your control is not. For a young women to dream that she hears or witnesses abuse fortells that she will be a victom to someone else's jealousy or envy.

Abyss- Dreaming of an abyss means that you are facing a life changing experience. You may be in the midst of a completely unknown or unfamiliar situation. Your future is uncertain.

Accident- Dreaming of an accident is usually a symbolic warning of catastrophe to come. If you are facing a big decision or choice... you may want to hold off or go the other way. Your subconcious mind can sence a mistake in the process.

Ache- Dreaming of an ache or pain could mean an actual physical imbalance or it could mean a yearning or desire for something. In the stomach there would be a need for comfort. In the heart a need for love. In the head could mean the need for a new way of life. In the hands or fingers could be a calling to create or build something. In the feet could mean a desire to runnaway. In the back could mean a desire for an easier life. And so on...

Afternoon- When a women's dream takes place in the afternoon it usually means she will be surrounded by true and loyal friends.

Aging- Usually it is never good to dream of age. Hardship may soon follow. To dream that you are older than you are can be a sign of sickness in the near future. For a young women to dream of her man aging could be a sign that she is about to lose him.

Airplane- Airplanes symbolize being on your way to a new goal, project or direction in life. The ride symbolizes being willing to let go and and see what happens. Though the outcome is uncertain, you have confidence in your ability for success.

Airplane Crash- To dream of a plane crash tells that you are feeling out of control and even in the midst of bad luck.

Airport- Dreams that take place in an airport represent change. You should have many options in front of you and may not know which way to go. It's time to weigh all of your options and remember that every choice dictates your direction in life.

Alarm- Take notice! Something inside of you is screaming. Are you being warned? Is there a part of you that is trying to awaken?

Alarm Clock- To not wake up in time or sleep through your alarm clock means you don't feel you are as responsible as your life is calling you to be right now.

Alcohal- Drinkng alcohal represents fililng yourself with "spirits" or spirit. Are you in need of comfort? Are you feeling spiritually empty? Are you dreaming of someone else in need of spirits?

Alien- Aliens may potray an unknown (foriegn) or unaknowledged aspect in yourself that you are afraid to embrace. Usually looking it straight in the eye and working through it, even mentally, will elliminate your fears. Although now adays dreaming of aliens, with all of the sci-fi on the big screen and television and with what we know of the universe...the invasion of foreign life is actually a real fear in all of us.

Allergy- Think of this as a psycological allergy. Whatever it is you are allergic to in your dream is something, someone or somewhere that your spirit is rejecting. Heed the warning.

Alley- Dreaming of an alley means your fortune won't be as great as expected. There will be hidden matters that may make enjoying your success difficult.

Alligator- Seeing an alligator in your dream means you may be exhibiting monsterous and diabolique qualities with no compassion. If the alligator is attacking you beware of these qualities in another.

Amusement Park- a dream taking place in an amusement park is revealing your view of the current state of your life: color, people, activities, tasks, opportunity, challenges and even some fun filled adventure.

Anchor- Anchors in dreams represent stability and security. Were you already anchored or looking for a place to anchor?

Angel- To dream of angels usually means your soul was calling for help from above and got it. Heed their warnings.

Animals- Animals in dreams represent the natural, instinctual and wild aspects of yourself. Look up specific animals for more details.

Animal Skin or Fur- Making or wearing animal skin or fur is your way of protecting and preserving yourself in an environment you wish you had more power or control over.

Ankle- The ankle in dreams represents your ability to progress and move forword in your life as well as how well you adapt to the challenges along the way. If the ankle is deformed or injured then you may be stuck or stunted in your progress.

Anerexia- You are denying yourself of basic needs. Stop putting everyone else before yourself.

Answering Machine- an answering machine in your dream represents a miscommunication somewhere or with someone that needs to be remedied.

Antelope- Seeing an antelope in your dream means that your ambitions will only be successful as hard as you work. If a young women sees an antelope lose his footing and fall off a hill or cliff, her crush or love interest could be her undoing.

Antique or Antique Shop- Antiques in dreams represent treasures from the past. What in your past do you treasure? Are you searching for something in your past? Being in the middle of a shop can mean you have gained many treasured lessons and friendships in your life that are priceless and you want to preserve and hold onto them.

Antlers- Antlers are trophies. They represent male energy and triumph over nature and natural law.

Apartments- The dreaming mind often takes place in compartmental living. Each unit represents an aspect of yourself subconsiously. Look up other elements in your dream.

Ape- Apes usually represent deceit. Dreaming of a large ape could mean humiliation or disease will befall a close friend. To see a small ape warns the dreamer of false friends.

Apple- The symbol of the apple is very different depending on who you are. If you are a christian the apple represents temptation. If you are a pagan the apple represents enlightenment, reincarnation and universal knowledge.

Apricot- Dreaming of apricots can mean sorrow and misfortune in your future. Apricots in dreams can represent the wasting of time on unimportant matters.

Apron- Aprons represent a zig zag path in life. They foretell obstacles ahead.

Aquarium- An aquarium is a self-contained world separate from reality. you may be feeling limited, cooped up or imprisoned and in need of escape. You may be spending a lot of time in a fantasy world.

Arguing- Arguing usually represents inner conflict.

Arm- Seeing an arm amputated means a break up or divorce. If the arm grows back or you know it will grow back, good luck will come from the separation.

Armpit- The armpit represents unwanted and undesirable feelings of shame.

Arrow- Arrows represent focus and penetrating to the heart of a matter. If the arrow or arrows are flying it means something is on it's way to you. possibly unexpected.

Artwork- When dreaming about artwork, try to remember the images portrayed in the work.

Ashes- Ash represents the end of a phase or cycle.

Attic- Dreaming of an attic may mean you are living in your head too much. Planning and thinking and day dreaming have to come to an end... it is time for action. The attic in your mind stores old memories, thoughts and patterns that you don't need anymore. There may be a few hidden treasures in there but maybe it is time to weed out and throw away what you don't need. Look up other elements in your dream.

Audience- Dreaming of having an audience means you are self-conscious and afraid of being looked at too closely.

Autumn- For dreams to take place in autumn it means that a phase in your life is winding down and you can feel it coming to an end. You are thinking about missing this part of your life yet are at the same time relieved that you can relax soon.

Avalanche- A change may be weighing you down, chaotic and overwhelmingly out of control.

Award- To dream that you are getting an award means you feel as though you have accomplished some great tasks and are due recognition. To dream that you are at an awards show mingling with celebrities or important people means that you want to elevate yourself socially or feel like you are in need of more successful friends.

Axe- The axe in your dream represents your energy level or the energy level of the person who possesses the axe in your dream. If it is rusty or broken, ill health may be in the near future. Possibly depression. If the axe is strong then the energy level is good and goals can easily be accomplished.


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