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baby- Babies are innocent and vulnerable. Many times dreaming of a baby is your mind digging deep inside to that innocent and vulnerable part of yourself. Was the baby being cared for? Was it crying or hungry? These are questions you should be asking yourself. If the baby unusually small then you are afraid of letting others see how vulnerable you are and you are afraid to ask for help.

baby carriage- Seeing a baby carriage in your dream means you are either secretly longing for a baby or there is about to be a new baby in your life. If you see the carriage empty then you will be disappointed.

baby clothes- To dream of baby clothes may mean you have outgrown current patterns and behaviors and it is time to grow up a notch.

babysitting- To dream that you are babysitting or need a babysitter means you need to take better care of yourself.

back- The back represents the burdens or responsibilities you carry. To see someone turn their back on you means you cannot rely on them and they may betray you.

backpacks- Backpacking in your dream represents your self reliance and flexibility. The actual backpack itself represents your responsibilities.

backseat- To be sitting in the backseat of an automobile in a dream means you have lost control of your life. Notice who is driving. Does that person represent what is in control?

backyard- The backyard in your dream represents your childhood memories. Usually the ones you keep hidden. The condition of the yard or the struggle you face in the yard shows you if your past is a balanced part of you psyche. Look up other elements in the dream.

baggage or bag- The bag is similar to the backpack. It represents your responsibilities. If the back is worn or torn then you may be overloaded. If the bag contains junk then you are carrying around and worrying about needless things in your life.

baking- Baking represents your creative side. It's time to either experiment with new recipes in your life or stick to an old traditional family favorite. It's time to culminate your resources and turn your goals into reality.

bakery- To see a bakery in your dream means success and wealth is in your future.

balcony- The balcony represents social heights. You want to be noticed and need to be acknowledged by your peers. You are possibly looking out at where you stand in the world.

bald- To dream you are bald or balding represents your vanity and fears of aging.

ball- To dream of playing ball means you will soon hear some good news.

balloon- Balloons in dreams represent great hopes and excitement for the future.

banana- To see bananas in your dream means you will be mated with an uninteresting and unloved companion. To eat them or see them rotting means you will lose money.

basement- In the basement we store our deepest thoughts. Often we dream of the stairs leading down to the basement as well, signifying our mind traveling deeper and further back into our consciousness. Were you scared or comforted? Did you find treasures or junk? Was there anyone with you? Look up other elements of your dream.

bat- Most people believe that dreaming of a bat is bad news. They say that it means death or catastrophic loss. Even the death of a child. Especially if it is a white bat. Well, your web mistress dreamt of a bat about 4 years ago and then found a bat in real life a week later. I nurtured the bat in my dream and in real life. So I prayed for my children and let it go. The only thing I lost was my lying cheating husband. So who knows. This one goes to show each dream is personal to the dreamer.

bath- When a pregnant women dreams of taking a bath she will be a victim of miscarriage or accident if she is not careful. For a man to dream of a bath means he will commit adultery and should be very discreet, A warm bath signifies evil. taking a bath with others means you need to stay clear of evil acquaintances.

bear- If you have Native American in your blood the bear may represent earth medicine and powerful protection against illness. The bear for most is the symbol of hibernation. Either way, t is time to get away and rest for a while.

beaver- Industrious, busy and goal oriented. If water symbolizes emotion, then a beaver means you need to put a wall up and contain your emotions so that you can get to work accomplishing your goals.

bee- Bees often mean fertility. Especially if one stings you. A pregnancy for you or someone close could be near. If you see bees working you will be very profitable in the near future.

beetle- Most of the time the beatle represents death. Unlike the never recover from death a bat can represent, the beetle means that, though painful, a new and better life is ahead.

bedbugs- Seeing bedbugs in your dreams foretells illness and unhappiness.

bell- A doorbell can signify death. Church bells can signify marriage. A liberty bell can signify victory.

bike- Riding a bike in your dream is you moving ahead in life by your own power on your own terms. If the ride is hard, you may want to look for an easier way in your real life. The flying downhill feeling on a bike may represent your youth.

bigamy- A man dreaming of bigamy could denote the loss of his manhood and a suffering of mental illness. A women dreaming of bigamy could mean a great loss of honor unless she is extremely discreet.

bird- Birds are the spiritual symbol of freedom. To see a bird is usually a message or warning, depending on other dream elements. To be a bird in your dream is you taking a look at your life from high above yourself. What did you see?

Bite- To get bit in a dream signifies your regret of something that can not be undone. It can also can mean loss because of an enemy.

blind- to see someone else blind means you will be asked for help. To be blind yourself means you will suffer poverty.

blood- Blood is our life juice. It symbolizes the feminine divine. Losing blood in your dream means you feel drained of your energy and need to be filled or rested.

boat- Water represents emotions. Riding on a boat in a dream is you living on the surface of your emotional life. Was it calm or rocky seas? Maybe it was only a canoe on a pond.

book- Dreaming of one book means you are longing to learn something specific where as dreaming of many books means you are longing to learn more in general.

breasts- Breasts represent the nurturing part of sex. You are longing for an intimate connection.

bride- To be a bride in your dream foretells a great inheritance in your life. To dream of a bride kissing you is good luck.

bridge- Bridges represent the passage from one place or life passage to another. Look up other elements of the dream.

broom- Seeing a broom or sweeping in your dream is just your mind's way of letting go of garbage in your conscious brain. Was it a big job or a little one?

bugs- Bugs represent illness.

building- When you build in your dream you are making a space for a new part of you. Good work.

bullet- Getting shot in your dream means you are about to undergo something very shocking.

buried- Dreaming about something buried or burying something yourself means there is a part of yourself you want to put out of sight and out of mind. If you are digging up something buried it obviously means there is a part of yourself you would like to resurface. To dream you are buried alive means you are about to make a great mistake. Heed the warning.

Burglar- To see or be a victim to a burglar means you need to beware of false friends.

burns- burns foretell good tidings.

butterfly- Dreaming of a butterfly means your time of transformation and solitude is over. You need to pretty yourself up and get out there with other people.


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