Many store bought lotions have extremely toxic ingredients in them, causing us an array of health problems we wouldn't normally have...

Learn more from:
Lotion Secrets' Glossary of Harmful Ingredients.



























A few little enchantments...

Wishing on the moon to see someone soon

While looking at the moon say:

I see the moon, the moon sees me.
The moon sees (name of person) that I want to see…



Wishing on the moon to dream of your future husband

While looking at the moon say:

Moon, moon, tell unto me
When my true love I shall see…



Mini dream pillow

Sew your own small pillow.  White fabric with green thread for good dreams or white fabric with blue thread for prophetic dreams.  Stuff your pillow with the following dried herbs. Sleep with it under your regular pillow or next to you.

Sage, violets, lavender flowers, cedar shavings, sweet fern, ground oris root, coltsfoot herb and deer’s tongue herb.



Safe travel charm

Wrap up the following herbs in white fabric with blue string tied five times while asking for protection and carry the sache with you when you travel.  Put it in your car or purse and even your luggage. 

Frankincense, dragon’s blood powder, rosemary and vervain. 



To keep the police or cops away

If you happen to find a dead bat anywhere, take off the wings and dry them.  Sprinkle dried bat wings around your house or place dried bat wings  in a  little navy blue pouch to hang from your rear view mirror in your car. Tie gold and silver string around the pouch for extra blessings.



Yule candles

These are gifts.  They take time so plan how many you will need to make and prepare for little to no distractions.  There are 3 layers.  You can use any molds or cups you want.  Allow each layer to cool slightly but not all the way before pouring the next layer on top.

Layer one- The bottom layer.  This should be green with peppermint fragrance added to it.  Stir this mixture clockwise and visualize your friends and family happy and lucky.

Layer two- The middle layer.  This should be red with cinnamon and vanilla fragrance added to it.  Stir this mixture clockwise and visualize your friends and family healthy and surrounded by love.

Layer three- The top layer to be burned first.  This should be white or clear wax with rose fragrance added to it.  Stir this mixture counter-clockwise and visualize your friends and family radiating with protective light so strong that any negativity will immediately leave them and all areas they encounter.     




The Colors

Fertility, wisdom, full moon magic, vigor, action, lust, passion, romance, sex, finding and keeping love, health, organic healing, sexual potency, combating evil, "all is fair in love and war", willpower, mercy, anger, magnetism, protection, female power, exorcisms and overall strength.
Angels, happiness, youth, beauty, love, romance, female energy, attracting new love, affection, emotions, friendship, service and fidelity.
Creativity, travel, communication, balance, energy, success, intellect, awakening and attracting love or romance.
Centering oneself , creativity, feminine power, attraction, joy, happiness, confidence, solar magic, astral projections, new homes, unity, persuasion, safe place, jealousy, divination, concentration and the activation of something.
Vegetation, gardening, life, new life, youth, fairies, death in life, growth, success, luck, beauty, harmony, renewal, love, acceptance, money spells, prosperity, fertility, faith, intuition, instinct, attraction, courage, finding a job, envy, working with Mother Earth, safe space and working with the inner child.
Organization, truth, sleep, serenity, hope, peace, communication, harmony, spirituality, administration, psychic dreams, working with the inner child, safe space, removing bad vibrations, tranquility, inner light, guidance, blessing a new home, justice, loyalty and fertility.
Royalty, wealth, wisdom, power, success, prophecy, ambition, divination, spiritual contact, astral projection, inner beauty, psychic work, independence, insight, intuition and gay love or gay sex magic.
Mother Earth, gardening, grounding, balance, telepathy, decision making, creating or activating a sound mind, working with animals, material increase, finding lost items, Earth magic and fertility.
Eternal life, wisdom, resurrection, death, binding, banishing, uncrossing, mourning, divination, crone rights, setting limits and restrictions, exorcism and the deepest level of meditation.
Purification, protection, uncrossing, spirituality, truth, reason, enlightenment, healing, creativity, spirituality, cleansing, calming, meditating, clairvoyance, love, angel magic, ecstasy, male energy, clarity, sacred space, innocence, spiritual strength, cosmic consciousness, small children, fair judgment and creation.
Sacred to all moon cycles and lunar magic, life in death, money spells, banishing negativity, psychic work and development, working with the mother energy and protection of sisters.
Solar magic, money spells, attraction, heavenly blessings, cosmic influences and the astral plane.



The 4 Seasons

Everyone should live their lives in harmony with the seasons...

Winter is the season for deep introspection and soul searching. It's time to gain weight, hold onto possessions, spend time with fire. It's the time to keep close to home and family. This is also the time to set goals and diligently check off necessary tasks, one step- one day at a time. This is the best time to create healing magic and put 'letting go' into practice. Dreams are more vivid in this season.
Spring is the season for cleansing, stretching and growing. Open up the windows, take walks, plan and nurture your garden. Spend time with Earth and Wood. This is the best time for love and fertility spells. Reunite with nature and take many deep breathes of fresh air. This is the time to throw away unnecessities no longer needed. Feel the new.
Summer is the season to manifest. Spend time with Water. It's time to lose a little weight, work hard and play, fall in love and grow a garden. Spend a lot of time with your kids. It's actually just as good for you as it is for them. It's the season to act. The season to do. Be thankful all summer long for your blessings and bounty. Gratefulness brings abundance. Give this season, more than Christmas...
Fall is the time to harvest. It's the other season to take many walks, be grateful and breath deep. Spend time with Medal and Air. It's time to appreciate that in order for the new we all love... first there must be death. This is when you create 'letting go' spells and goals. This is the best time to say goodbye without strings. This is also the best time to set up protection spells for you, your home and your family.

the 7 PURE Earth Elements

Element 1 of 4. Swords. Intention. Invention. Intellect. Thought. Flight. Light. Awake. Carefree. Cold unless near fire. Mental. Extreme. Searching for peace. Has no form of it's own, must rely on it's environment. Learns to choose environment carefully. Moveable. Easily molded and confined. Finds strength in change.
Element 2 of 4. Wands. Energy. Action. openness. In the present. Movement. Adventure. Passion. Truth. Unique. Extreme. Strong character and will. Stubborn. Pure. Raging at times. Thoughtless. Unburdened. Free. Controlling. Only water can tame but earth can control. Extreme. Changeable. Finds peace in love.
Element 3 of 4. Cups.
Element 4 of 4. Shield.
Element 5 of 5.
Element 6 of 6.
element 7 of 7.



Give your spell a birthdate...

plug in the date, time and place of your future creation to see if the elements are right.

Follow the instructions. Click on the chart to display text about planets, zodiac signs and planet/ sign combinations. Check all of the boxes in the 'display options' section and hit refresh to display other aspects.



The Directions



The 8 Sabbats ~ holy days




Magic is simple.  Keep it simple.  Witch means... to bend and to shape. Being a witch is a GREAT RESPONSIBILITY, especially in our time.










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