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Moon Cycles


The Moon is one of the most important elements in magic.

Calculate birthdates and other important events including planned dates for spells and charms. Each phase of the moon lasts approximately 3.5 days.

Lunar Phase Calculator

by Stephen R. Schmitt


Moon's age from new : days Moon is :
Distance : Earth radii
Ecliptic latitude : degrees
Ecliptic longitude : degrees


This JavaScript program calculates the phase and position of the moon for a given date. It was adapted from a BASIC program from the Astronomical Computing column of Sky & Telescope, April 1994.

The calculator will initialize itself, if possible, to your computer's day, month, and year. The day, month, and year can be changed using the buttons on the calculator. To advance press one of the [ >> ] keys; to backup, press one of the [ << ] keys.


Waxing- the process of building up

Love and romance. Farming and gardening. Job hunting and networking. Beauty, health and over all self improvement. Visualize goals and manifesting them into your life. Visualize specific parts of your body that need healing, renewing and reactivating. This is an innocent time.
waxing (evening) crescent
Minor spells and diligent effort to help your new goals and projects along. This is the time of female empowerment- mother, sister, daughter, friend. Visualize a quality you want to bring into your personality. This is a curious time.
first quarter
Pushing forward. Friendship and luck. Courage and motivation. Focus on the elements- earth, air, water, fire, wood, metal and love. Visualize being a part of this big picture we call life and how all life is connected. This is a time for talent.
waxing gibbous
Ground and center. Re-evaluate and reorganize. Check for loose ends. Find peace in patience. Prepare your mind for the unexpected. This time dictates how you will handle the rest of this moon cycle.


Waning- The process of breaking down

Nobody escapes the full moon. There is great power and magnetic energy during this time. It rarely goes unnoticed. Most major events happen around a full moon. Be alert. Stay focused. All major spells can and should be worked on a full moon. This is a powerfully creative time.
waning gibbous
Taking things apart, banishing, breaking up, letting go of stress, expressing raw emotion, removing old though patterns, making decisions and releasing yourself from addiction. This is a time for art.
last quarter
Banishing disease and illness. Protection spells that get rid of negativity and harm. Deep reflection. Taking time to yourself. Be mindful of how others may influence you negatively and visualize positive influences in your life. This is a time for release.
waning (morning) crescent
Sleeping, intense dreams, quarrelling. Never curse... instead, banish your life from the influence you don't care for. Ask it to go in peace. This is the moon for deep meditation. Don't be afraid to face the depths of your soul. Visualize yourself conquering, standing above, shining a bright light or even burning what ales you. This is the time to change.



The 13 Moons

The Lunar Year

The Chinese use a lunar calendar and their New Year is marked by the 1st New Moon in Aquarius. This can be either a Wolf Moon or an Ice Moon. Many civilizations followed a lunar calendar consisting of 13 "Months" but there are a variety of starting points. Many Celts considered "Halloween" or the full Blood or Blue moon to be the beginning of a new year.
Wolf Moon- New Moon in January
Garnet, onyx and jet. Brownies and gnomes. Brilliant white, blue-violet and black. Birch trees. Fox and coyote. Crocus and snowdrop. 7 brings luck this month. Beginnings related to endings and past relating to future. Being loud and colorful chases away misfortune. Time to work protection spells for family and home. Time to work on photo albums, scrapbooking and family trees. Fight sluggish feelings by not over indulging. Take time for solitude.
Ice Moon- New Moon in February
Amethyst, jasper and rock crystal. House fairies of homes and plants. Light blue and violet. Rowan, laurel and cedar trees.Oter and unicorn. Primrose. Growing, accepting and forgiving. Purification and initiation. Prosperity. Dedicating yourself to a good cause. Live clean this month. Have compassion. Keep a secret. Be love. The return of spring and early growth when ice is still all around. Stop gossip. Make peace at home.
Storm Moon- New Moon in March
Aquamarine and bloodstone. Mermaids. Pale green and red violet. Alder and dogwood trees. Hedgehog, boar and cougar. Violet, daffodil and jonquil. New beginning. Being open and exploring. Truth spells. Getting everything into the light. Cleaning out cobwebs. Safe travel spells. Dancing. Ward off poverty. Freedom. Creative inner child work. Incorporate flowers into everything. Spring Equinox.
Growing Moon- New Moon in April
Easter eggs. Ruby and Garnet. Plant fairies. Crimson red and gold. Pine, bay and hazel trees.Bear and wolf. Sweet pea and daisy. Creating and producing. April showers bring may flowers. Balance, self-reliance and opportunities. Work on temper and respect of other's needs. Gardening. Playing with children. Youth and beauty trumps all this month. Take time to pamper yourself. Do a home spa.
Flower Moon- New Moon in May
Emerald, malachite, amber and carnelian. Fairies and elves. Green, brown and pink. Hawthorn trees. Frog, toad, monkey and butterfly. Lilly of the valley and lavender. Creative energy is at it's peak. Fertility, intuition and strength. Spend time with trees. This is the best time to gather from nature and create charm bags. Pick your own flowers and fill your house. A time for crushes. Clean and purify the house for summer entertaining.
Lover's Moon- New Moon in June
Topaz, agate, alexandrite and fluorite. Sylphs and zephyrs. Orange and golden-green. Oak trees. Cats, leopards and lynx. Rose, broom, foxglove and lily of the valley. True love spells. Full yet still restful energy. A time of light. Tides turning. Decisions need to be made. Responsibility needs to be taken. Be consistent. Great month for weddings. Make a wheel of fortune. Spells for faithfulness. Summer Solstice.
Blessing Moon- New Moon in July
Pearl, moonstone and white agate. Hobgoblins and fairies of the harvested crops. Silver and blue-grey. Oak, acacia and ash trees. Turtle, dolphin, crab and whale. Water lily, lotus and jasmine. This is the best time to make charmed sand candles at the beach. Relaxing energy. Manifestation and success. Prophetic dreams, write them down this month. Spiritual goals and freedom from religious oppression. Thankfulness. Surround yourself with friends this month. Renewing vows.
Corn Moon- New Moon in August
Cat's eye, carnelian, jasper and fire agate. Dryads. Yellow and gold. Hazel, alder and cedar trees. Lion, phoenix, sphinx and dragon. Sunflower and marigold. Harvesting, gathering and appreciating what we have. Health and long life spells. More social gatherings. Make bread. Protection from fire spells. Opportunity spells.
Harvest Moon- New Moon in September
Citrine, olivine, chrysolite and peridot. Trooping fairies. Yellow, yellow-green and brown. Hazel, bay and larch trees. Snake and jackal. Lily and narcissus. Rest after hard work. Balance energy. Organize, clean and re-evaluate life, goals and possessions. Clear mind and spirit as well as environment. Hang out with best friends.Work spells to protect children. Autumn Equinox.
Blood Moon- New Moon in October
Turquoise, opal, tourmaline and beryl. Front fairies and plant fairies. Acacia, cypress and yew trees. Dark blue-green. Elephant, scorpion, stag and jackal. Cosmos, calendula and marigold. Inner cleansing and harmony. A time to let go. Justice. Karma. Work spells to rid yourself of baggage. A time to remember past lives. Job seeking spells.
Blue Moon- Closest Moon to Halloween
Apache tear, obsidian and onyx. The boat man, banshees and messengers between worlds. Black, white and purple. Yew, Pine, cypress and elder trees. Bat, dog, snake and owl. White lily, dahlia and chrysanthemum. Bringing to consciousness buried or repressed memories. Releasing energy. Backyard flowing. Cleansing the world of lost souls work. Prayers to saints of long ago. Prophecy and true, spiritual intention. Fasting and feasting.
Snow Moon- New Moon in November
Topaz, lapis lazuli and hyacinth. Subterranean fairies. Gray and sea-green. Alder and cypress trees. Unicorn, jackal and crocodile. Blooming cacti and chrysanthemum. Time to take root. Inner transformation is near. Pray a lot more than usual this month. It's time to be in amazement of the universe. Talk to strangers and listen. Learn something new and make it a part of you.
Cold Moon- New Moon in December
Winter Solstice. Peridot, jacinth and serpentine. Snow fairies, storm fairies and winter tree fairies. Black, white and blood red. Pine, fir and holly trees. Bear, horse, mouse and deer. Holly, poinsettia and Christmas cactus. Patience. Endurance. Darkness. Personal magic. Spiritual direction. Be there for friends and family that seem lonely. This is a hard moon for many.






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